Apella Group Stands as Trusted Technology Advisor Amid ACT Business Surge

RADNOR, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Advanced Call Center Technologies, a complete end-to-end, multi-channel customer communications provider, has retained the Apella Group, a strategy consulting firm based out of Radnor, Pennsylvania, to help improve their telecommunications network and voice infrastructure and implement and operate an expense management program.

“In addition to their expense reductions and savings platforms, we really rely on them to introduce us to strategic new assets and to help us think outside the box to better service our customers through our telephony platform”

Prior to working with Apella, ACT managed their telecom expenses internally through their IT function. They realized that keeping this responsibility “in-house” was not an effective use of their team’s time. “Having Apella basically take over and manage our telephony and other related infrastructure assets, our IT team can focus completely on our clients, which everybody really enjoys because it delineates responsibilities and allows us to service our customers rather than deal with our internal issues,” explained ACT Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Griffiths.

Although there was an initial pushback from their internal team when they began working with Apella, Griffiths points out that “very early on, Apella proved their worth to us, as far as inventorying our assets, identifying all of the different areas of costs, and pointing out where we were inefficient.”

In just two short months, Apella Group drove $2 million in annual telephony spend reductions. As part of a strategic network redesign, Apella helped ACT migrate their call center operations from a single network to a dual MPLS infrastructure, enabling increased bandwidth, flexibility and full redundancy for their expanding workload, while stabilizing costs for the medium term. “This really helped us to leverage our costs going forward, allowing us to almost double our business and yet keep our telephony spend almost the same as it was prior to the revenue growth,” identified Griffiths.

Apella Group reports all of ACT’s expenditures on a live dashboard, giving them the ability to capture snapshots of their current services and spend across a myriad of categories. Griffiths describes, “The dashboard is by far the most useful aspect of Apella’s reporting. I review the dashboard with their team on a monthly basis to really strategize and identify where we’re most efficient and most inefficient in managing our telephony costs.”

Not only has Apella Group found ways to decrease ACT’s telephony costs while increasing capabilities, but they have grown into a trusted technology partner for ACT. Griffiths and his team look to the Apella Group for guidance and advice on how to better leverage new technologies across their operations. “In addition to their expense reductions and savings platforms, we really rely on them to introduce us to strategic new assets and to help us think outside the box to better service our customers through our telephony platform,” added Griffiths.

When asked what has been the Apella Group’s greatest asset to their organization, Griffiths stated, “Our relationship with Apella started with very small projects; helping with some of our telephony spend initially, office supplies, and some of our commodity-based spending. They’ve grown from what I consider to be a strategic relationship, into a true partner for our company.”

About Apella Group

Apella Group is an experienced strategy consulting firm with extensive knowledge of technology, business operations, and strategic sourcing best practices. They have successfully completed dozens of engagements over the last 10 years, delivering millions of dollars in value. Apella’s recommendations are fact driven and account for clients’ total cost of ownership, service needs, and long standing relationships. Apella Group takes a strategic approach towards uncovering areas of opportunity within businesses, and develops practical, actionable, and impactful recommendations. For more information, please visit

About Advanced Call Center Technologies (ACT)

Founded in 1997, ACT provides CRM outsourcing programs for Customer Service, Sales Support, Fraud & Dispute Management, Claims Processing and a wide variety of other programs and custom solutions for some of the top companies in the United States. ACT is a complete end-to-end, multi-channel customer communications provider capable of integrating many different facets of a business’ daily operations, management, and back office logistics. They work nationwide 24/7 from 8 domestic and 1 near-shore operation centers, providing service in 8 different languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Armenian, and Tagolog. From personal onboarding through the entire customer relationship lifecycle, ACT tailors solutions that meet the unique needs of any business and make every customer connection count. For more information, please visit



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