Expense Management Consultants

A key differentiator in our process is ongoing expense management. Keeping vendors accountable to agreed to pricing, mitigating spend with non “core” vendors, generating usage reports to track line item spending, as well as providing ongoing recommendations to deliver additional savings and continually optimize the targeted expense category.


Program Benefits

  • Consistent communication with select vendors
  • Dedicated resources providing monthly reports
  • Mitigation of price creep and/or vendor base expansion
  • Savings validation
  • Ongoing recommendations for continuous improvement



Our Expense Management solution iterates this approach through the monthly review and confirmation of implementation, combined with the identification and delivery, on new opportunities.

Assess prior month’s usage profile

id opportunity & Develop reports

all steps require an inclusive partnership of
all client stakeholders, managed and driven by Apella

Develop options & implementation

Execute agreed to plan


Apella Value

  • Strategic Approach
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Tailored Recommendations
  • Quantifiable Impact
  • Proven Track Record