Telecommunications Expense Management

Recent studies indicate telecommunications costs now make up 44% of a company’s IT budget, but often times do not have the dedicated resources managing the day to day costs to the company. As telecommunications costs continue to increase, a trusted telecommunications expense management partner becomes increasingly important to the organization. As businesses leverage their traditional voice network with data and application requirements, the network becomes increasingly complex. Apella provides a comprehensive platform for sourcing as well as administering, through our telecommunications expense management program, the entire telecom environment.
Apella’s telecommunications consulting solution manages the full network-related communications lifecycle to deliver immediate impact to your business. We build a strategy around those requirements to maximize value, efficiency and flexibility, while minimizing and controlling costs. Apella’s telecom expense management solution provides our clients with unparalleled insight into all aspects of current costs and services, while delivering comprehensive options for client consideration.



The complexities associated with telecommunications services and costs creates potential exposures which can have a significant impact to your business both from a cost as well as a functionality standpoint.

Current Environment Issues Created Impact
Multi-location Multi-carrier Non-competitive rates
Multiple carriers Non-uniformed billing format Inconsistent pricing for comparable services
Changing requirements Frequent service changes Difficult to develop comprehensive baseline
Expansive needs Lack of visibility Misbillings, paying for unneeded services
Evergreen contracts Reactive terms & conditions Outdated design and technology


Apella has a proven process which will: Illuminate current inventory and costs, Optimize matching needs with services to eliminate excess, Augment to improve capabilities,and Control to actively manage all costs.


  • Understanding of current state and future needs
  • Analysis of current invoices and contracts
  • Review of network design documents, process charts and policies
  • Interviews with key internal stakeholders


  • Gap analysis
  • Comparison of needs vs. current state
  • Accounting of obligations and other constraints
  • Benchmarking vs. market


  • Creation of options
  • Qualification of value
  • Presentation of potential solutions
  • Agreement on pathforward


  • Implementation of agreed to solution
  • Tracking of orders or changes
  • Confirmation of rates and terms


Apella Value

  • Strategic Approach
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Tailored Recommendations
  • Quantifiable Impact
  • Proven Track Record