Wireless Consulting

Since 2010, the number of mobile users worldwide has more than doubled from 900 million to 1.9 billion, with 80% of internet users now owning a smartphone. Work forces are increasingly mobile and rely more than ever on wireless connectivity, available bandwidth and carrier coverage, to support productivity. Wireless affects more than just information technology groups within a company and Apella’s wireless consulting solution considers the impact to multiple areas of the business and acts as the centralized touch point for collaboration.
Apella’s wireless consulting model delivers quantifiable impact in less than 45 days. We provide a rapid assessment of the current situation, recommendations for client consideration and approval, and dedicated resources to implement and manage ongoing wireless expenses.



The reliance on wireless communications has led to challenges from both a management and cost optimization standpoint. Apella’s wireless expense management process will deliver quantifiable impact to the organization, while improving visibility into costs.

Apella Value Impact
Unpublished rates Comprehensive roadmap development
Customized rates and discounts Eliminate / mitigate unneeded costs and services
Detailed analytics Increased transparency
Dedicated resources 45 day project duration


Regardless of contractual constraints, Apella’s wireless expense management program will assess, optimize, and implement in under 45 days and save 20-30% over current monthly costs.









Focus Data Collection & Baseline Opportunity Development Savings Capture Validation & Management
Typical Timing 3 Days 3 Days < 3 Days 12 months (ongoing)
Client Requirement
  • Three months of carrier invoices.
  • Copies of contracts.
  • 30 min interview.
  • Meeting to review recommendation.
  • Approval of changes.
  • Introduction to carrier representative
  • Letter of authorization to act as agent
  • Access to invoices and portal
  • Monthly meeting to review savings.
  • Recommendation approval.
  • Invoice and contract collection.
  • Establish baseline.
  • Develop savings recommendations
  • Agree on changes
  • Implement Approved changes
  • Begin savings capture
  • Validate impact
  • Identification of additional opportunities


Apella Value

  • Strategic Approach
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Tailored Recommendations
  • Quantifiable Impact
  • Proven Track Record